We invest globally. Our team is based out of London but we believe that talent and opportunity are global today. Whether you are in Boston or Paris, Bangalore or Singapore please get in touch. We would love to better understand what you are building and see if there may be a fit or if there are other ways to help.
We may lead rounds but only at the VERY early stage. We are Preseed and Seed stage investors.
We do follow on, but again only at the very early stages. For instance If we are the first institutional cheque or your very first investor and if the business is growing rapidly and hitting its metrics we are likely to want to invest in the Seed round and can even go all the way up to a Series A. We do NOT invest past the Series A stage.
Those three verticals and the horizontals of AI, Deeptech and Blockchain are where we look for the best founders due in part to our own expertise. But we are quick learners and if you are working on something game changing outside of that, we would be delighted to take a look. Short answer: We are always open to the best founders working on ideas that improve the world.
The last two decades have seen incredible student founders create world changing technology startups. Age is truly nothing but a number. Students are often closest to the bleeding edge of new ways of thinking and solutions that can improve our way of life. If you are a student entrepreneur and want to commercialize your research or have a great idea that you think can fix a significant problem that the world is struggling with, then please get in touch with us.
Yes. We have a large network of VCs around the world that we collaborate and co-invest with. So if you are a founder that has another lead and still think we could add value to your cap-table...we would love to chat! This does not stop with VCs, we also co-invest alongside CVCs, Family offices and angels as they are all an important part of the investor ecosystem and some can add significant value to your business
We do not usually take board seats. We believe that influence and having deep trust based relationships with the founders we back is critical and there are many ways to help other than by being on the board. We do keep an open mind and never say never 🙂
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